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Spacebar offers a design service where design comes from the values of your business. Integrating your values into the design promotes the relationship of the customer to the product and enhances its connection to your company.
In addition to appealing aesthetics, good design conveys values that the user can identify with. Design makes it possible to increase the quality of life and the self-confidence of the user in addition to his connection between human and technology. With a focus on the end customer, design not only remains visual appealing, but also becomes a holistic experience.

Humberto Rapelli

Through my experience as a product and industrial designer, including in Japan, which I gained in the field of furniture, accessories and medical technology I offer design diversity and flexibility. As a former technical draftsman in aviation, I am distinguished by a high level of technical understanding of mechanics, feasibility and production.

For me good design is created by the cooperation of different competences based on common values and following the same goal.


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