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Visualization & 3D-Illustration

Do you love design challenges and are you always trying to exploit the creative potential of an idea? You are not impressed by standard solutions and do you want to offer your customers unconventional designs?

Spacebar starts where picture collages reach their limits. With 3D-illustrations and 3D-visualizations, Spacebar gives you a virtual space of possibilities from the microcosm to the digital galaxy.

Whether it's an ant made of glass, a car made of marble or a planet covered with fur, Spacebar brings your abstract ideas to life.


Humberto Rapelli

May 2018 | Spacebar Rapelli | Winterthur

Industrial Designer | Zug 

Product Designer at NENDO | Tokyo | Japan

Product Designer and cofounder of Inuk Kollektiv | Luzern

CG-Artist und Project Manager at STUDIO 12 | Luzern

Industrial Designer | Zürich

Technical Draftsman | Pilatus Flugzeugwerke & Aerolite | Stans


Agentur am Werk



Büro Haeberli

Partner & Partner

unit design

Frédéric Müller

Digital Image Making



Spacebar Rapelli

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